HP ENVY TouchSmart M7-J120dx 17.3″:

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HP ENVY TouchSmart M7-J120dx 17.3

This laptop features a 70-point threes full HD touchscreen panel with the resolution of 1920 by 1080 fourth generation Intel Core i7 Nash 4702 processor for graphics we have the Intel HD 4600 8 gigabytes avram one terabyte hard drive running at 5400 rpm Intel Wireless Display ready for wireless car with Intel AC 3160 does not always 7.1 pounds and measures 1.3 inches dick properties this week Microsoft Windows 8.1 in the retail prices laptop is $9.99 next those talk about design and build quality from standpoint design looks like aluminum but once you build the techs are you can tell is not aluminum HP is calling this glass fiber material the glass spire materials those pretty solid in the overall bill call is good with the exception of the top the laptop discrete flights those fragile when putting pressure on the laptop and the way it comes in a 7.1 pounds which is slightly heavier than most seventeen-point three inch laptops next obstacle to the ports here on the left side let up you have to Kensington security slot exhaust port for your fans HDMI output internet por two USB 3.0 ports an SD card reader artist a look at the right side laptop you got your AC charging port DVD Drive an additional two USB 3.0 ports and a headset microphone jack combo arms got taken the bus be on the new HP Envy touch screen laptop and we’re done this latter booted up in about 15 seconds next those test other beings on the 17-point three-inch non IPS display I’m gone rotated left still clear invisible started to fade a little bit right here overall the side to side viewing angles were good next up is to stop the being a butt took in the display all the way back all right here we go the viewing angles for this section was about average next I’ll talk about this gorgeous 17.38 HD LED backlit display with the resolution of 1920 by 1080 brightness levels were very good in two colors on this panel were magnificent next dose us up the touch good performance on this panel let’s curl up and down multi-touch gestures have been very precise and smooth check this out the months go to the left.

I’m going to zoom in on some texts the show you how Chris been cleared its check them out next those talk about keeper performance this laptop features a standard full-size keyboard along with the 10-key numeric keypad this keyboard has been a pleasure to type on the feedback and key travel response has been and sleep let me show you a sample the key travel on this keyboard take a look at the does he that is scared to make the jump from a standard desktop keyboard will have no problems getting adjusted to this fantastic keyboard next those to go to the back to keep your performance on this laptop there’s only one option either on or off this backlit keyboard is well lit an offer excellent visibility at night next those talk about track their performance the trackpad has been good thanks to HP choosing some nap this as a strip at manufacture I just wish there are slightly more feedback when clicking the button down Ivor two finger scrolling has been great and multi-touch gestures at the good overall i’m satisfied with the trackpad the fingerprint scanner on this laptop has been great HP took it to another level with simple past it’s the simple past can log in automatically on web sites you visit after whether I was signing into my desktop or log into my e-bay web page HP simple pass was really impressive next though some %uh speaker performance this laptop features Beats Audio caught speakers and two subwoofers the so called me from this laptop is a very good one see fine-tune your settings on the Beats Audio EQ I’m next up was talk about the processor this laptop features Intel Core i7 dash.

Running at 2.4 gigahertz with the turbos up to 3.2 gigahertz for four active course 3.3 did hurts for two active course in 3.4 gigahertz for one active core from day to day use is like we’re processing watching 1080 p video clips and exporting HD video clips this processor was begging to be pushed it to back that up it’s going to take a look some defense the performance course this the 64-bit version here for a single core score got three thousand 343 for a multi-course Korea 12440 sup next up a single dissident r15 for the city like a score 645 CB next artist s others quad-core processor by exporting a 680 made by 1080 p video clip using Handbrake the peace and continues as a normal default setting let’s see how long this quad core processor takes and the results are in this laptop export just 1080 p video clip in two minutes and 44 seconds during my test thus these on exports have been highly impressive next up was just not into HD 46 R using 3d mark for the first art 1.1 gonna score so 145 for cloud a 1.1 gotta score 6800 phat in for ice storm 1.2 you can score 61,000 459 with the scores can expect to play many like the two games like Diablo 3 in crisis on medium settings you could even play some the latest titles like Battlefield 4 and tighten up on low settings next over in a test that the one terabyte hard drive using crystal this mark for a sequential read speed I gotta 111.5 megabytes a second for the sequential write speeds ago 104.5 megabytes a second this piece about average for traditional 5400 rpm hard drive however for better performance I recommend you to britain SSD next up was just %uh the temperature performance from this laptop with regular users like browsing the web and watch in 1080 P YouTube clips I was averaging anywhere from 40 to 44 degrees Celsius next does one performer heat stress test my running sentiments EQ test 10 times back to back and the results are in on average the CPU temperature was around 88 95 degrees Celsius it is little warm however I will deal with the heat as long as the CPU keeps on pushing all my task next those talk about better performance on average I was able to get around five to six hours on a full charge was screen brightness around seventy percent in with the removal 60 battery pack you can purchase an additional one for more power on the go next up some a fan noise fan noise has been adequate under normal use is you can barely hear the fan however during heavy CPU load the van to be loud depending on your usage for call core i7 laptop the fan noise is acceptable next let’s take a look at the inside left I’ll see we have on the bottom left yet a one terabyte 5400 rpm hard drive that is upgradeable you also have a secondary slot for an additional hard driver necessity to deal slots for RAM the CPU supports up to 16 gigabytes of RAM in the Intel Wireless AC 3160 with Bluetooth 4.0 if you’re looking for the ultimate 17 is touch screen laptop that has excellent performance gorgeous 1080 P displayed in for under 1000 dollars look no further alright this concludes my review on the only ace p.m. 7 days jail 1/ 20 DX seventy point three inch touchscreen laptop if you enjoyed this video please click the Like button it please subscribe for more upcoming videos our thanks for watching peace.

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