Samsung LED monitors Computer Display Reviews

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LED monitors provide the very best in visual display, and Samsung LED monitors tend to lead the market when it comes to providing the best quality in LED quality.

What is an LED Monitor?

An LED monitor is, at its most basic, a new and improved version of the LCD monitors; the key difference being that LED monitors use LED’s (a light-emitting diode) to illuminate the display.

On the downside, LED monitors, being new technology, are rather more expensive than their LCD counterparts, though as the technology behind them has become more common, the prices have been slowly decreasing. It is not unusual today to find LED monitors that are relatively affordable (depending on the model selected and any extra features it may encompass). In fact, companies like Samsung have been taking it a step further and combining the features of a computer monitor with the quality needed for an HDTV, making it easier to purchase just one monitor to do the job of both a computer monitor and a television.

A Look at Some LED Monitors

Many computer monitors use LCD monitors and incorporate LED Backlight to enhance the clarity and resolution of the picture, but there are a number of monitors that are pure LED monitors. Samsung FX2490HD 24-Inch HDTV LED Monitor

Samsung Led Monitors

Take the Samsung FX2490HD 24-Inch HDTV LED Monitor, for example. At $319 it is a bit high for a computer monitor, but the quality of resolution – plus the fact that it has a built-in digital television monitor (meaning that it can act as a stand-alone television with or without a computer hookup) makes it an awesome choice. With just one purchase you can have all your television and computer monitor needs met.

Samsung S27A350H

Or you may want to consider the Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor. While it costs a bit more ($349.99) the S27A350H has a number of impressive features, such as the Eco Saving featurthat enables you to control how much energy the monitor consumes, or an ultra-thin profile that means you save on desk space, or the HDMI connectivity for HD video that means that not only are your movies crystal clear, but your game worlds will become larger than life.

Samsung T22A350

Another option would be the Samsung T22A350 22-Inch Class LED HDTV/Monitor Combo. Here is another Samsung product that uses LED technology for crystal clear picture clarity, but looks out for your well-being by enabling you to purchase – for just $290.88 – one monitor to do the job of both a computer monitor and an HDTV.


No matter what LED monitor model you purchase, you will find that your viewing pleasure is increased by this very latest development in computer monitor technology regardless if you use your monitor mainly for surfing the internet, watching movies and TV, or creating a realistic gaming experience for yourself.

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